Scholarship fund

The SGLH supports young qualified junior staff from the ETHs, Swiss universities and technical colleges who are members of the SGLH and who work or specialize in the field of food hygiene. In particular:

  • The presentation of a work at a scientific congress in the form of a poster or a lecture
  • A master's, diploma or bachelor's thesis in the field of food hygiene abroad

Requests can be submitted using the form below or by post (address on the contact page). The following must be enclosed with the application: a cover letter with reasons, a short CV, a brief summary of the work, a statement of costs and a letter of recommendation. A brief feedback to the SGLH Board of Directors after attending the event or completing the thesis is desirable.

The guidelines for awarding the scholarship are summarized in the following document: SGLH Scholarship Regulations

Use the following form to apply for a scholarship: